Emily’s sincerity, creativity and empathy are reflected in all that she does, from her yoga asana to her artwork, from her teaching to her connections with others. She is a truly soulful yogini.
— Camilla & Keith, co-directors of Dharma Yoga Austin

Emily is not only an incredibly talented individual but she truly sees with her heART. It is greatly reflected through her art and her desire to spread love, compassion, and yoga. She is a embodiment of empathy and kindness. Emily is a gift to this world and she is only going to continue impacting and inspiring through her art and her teachings.
— Kris clay, raja yoga

I can honestly say that Empathy Art has had a positive impact on my entire family. The love is pure, the message is profound, and the energy is sincere. We have all been inspired.
— Michelle Keefer, MKConsulting

Emily’s art is a constant reminder that beauty and love are tangible elements that you can always tap into by simply taking a step back and looking at what’s in front of you. She seamlessly connects her spirituality to her art, giving it a unique, living breathing, vibrancy that transcends beyond the paper it’s on.
— Asela Haynes, phoenix legacy press

I really enjoy Emily’s Art and process. When she works live at events her references are clipped to the piece she is working on. Watching her create in this way allows the viewer an opportunity to not only see, but also feel the love that emanates from her and her work. If you show genuine interest and appreciation for what she does you may be blessed by Emily’s great heart filled hugs.
— Scott Barr RN, Restpit

Working with Emily was everything you’d want in an artist. I saw her style and instantly fell in love with the way she uses watercolor and pen to create her stellar images. I approached her to do a piece for me that I had envisioned and it came out better than I could’ve imagined. Emily really took the time to understand what I wanted and the meaning behind it and reflected it in her work. I had never sat as a model before so she was very patient and gave me breaks and just made the whole experience truly memorable. Emily is a talented artist whose beautiful soul shines through everything she does.
— Lindsay Adolfo, live painting model

Last weekend, I attended Emily’s hike, yoga, and meditation meet up at Bull Creek for the first time - I was very impressed. During the guided yoga practice she was able to match her instruction to suit my skill level. While I was encouraged to try some postures I had never tried before, at no point did I feel pressured to overexert myself. In short, it was a wonderful yoga practice. Afterwards, the guided meditation while we sat next to the creek was truly touching - her wise words, and a beautiful excerpt by Ram Dass, were exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I would absolutely take another class with Emily, and would recommend her Friday morning hike, yoga, and meditation to anyone interested in yoga, meditation, or spiritual practice. Thanks, Emily!
— Daniel Whiteside, Discover-Buddhism.com