Painting Meditation 8/17/18

I begin each painting session by first organizing my supplies mindfully. Carefully, I pour water from my water bottle into my plastic tupperware. The kinetic shape water forms while moving from one cup to another is really lovely. Once my cup is a little less than half full, I move my awareness to my brushes. I like to keep my favorite brushes wrapped in a halloween dish towel that is stained with ink and paint of various colors. The first brush I reach for is usually my medium rounded tip brush, because of it's ability to hold and apply a goldilocks amount of water. With a scooping motion, I carry drops of water to greet my palette where blue and yellow are waiting, eager to mingle. The very moment a drop touches down, blue and yellow begin to swirl and dance together in slow motion. With my brush, I encourage the uniting of the two, which brings to light a sweet, sweet green. The color green feels, to me, similarly to how it feels to wrap oneself with a fuzzy blanket in a brisk room. Green is cool, but it carries the warmth not unlike the warmth you feel when you share a heart-to-heart hug with someone you love. With this new awareness of the heart, my hands are reminded of their numerous, bright heart chakras. My grip loosens and I tenderly carry green to it's new home: a blank page in my sketchbook. 

Throughout my process, I aim to move slowly to allow myself time and space to take notice of the nuance sensations in my current experience. Every moment contains an abundance of micro-moments that too often get overlooked. When we take time to slow down, we realize just how much time we actually have. In the words of Lama Surya Das, "Basic sanity means being in tune with things as they are." When we exclude nothing from our current experience, we are free from the binds of attachment and aversion. We can relax into the moment, free from suffering. No matter if we are experiencing physical pain, if we approach our experience with a sense of curiosity, we can dissolve back into the seat of the witness. We dissolve back to our true center, which has no distinct form. It is from this place that we can think, speak, and act from a place of clarity and truth. 

There are so many layers to the human experience. May this be an opportunity to take notice of this very moment. Taking notice of thoughts and emotions as they float across the screen of the mind. Allowing the gaze to turn inward. Taking notice of the sensations throughout the body. Taking notice of the breath. This "coming home" can happen in any and every moment. We just have to tune in.

With so much love, I offer you this experience and reflection in the form of words.

You are loved. You ARE love. 



"Basic sanity means being in tune with things as they are."

Lama Surya Das

Emily Isbell